5 Reasons Moms Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Working From Home

The coronavirus pandemic caught the whole world by surprise, and countless people, especially those in the food and hospitality industry, lost their jobs. Thankfully, 88% of company leaders either required or encouraged their staff to work remotely

Parents who are now doing remote jobs are fortunate to still be earning for their families, but the new setup comes with challenges as well. Top on the list is the difficulty of balancing work and home life, especially for moms who still have young children. Mothers are often torn between attending to their kids’ needs and completing their work tasks. 

Many remote workers feel guilty when they have to take breaks even when they’re necessary and a huge percentage of them are always in constant fear of not being productive enough that they might lose their jobs. These thoughts often lead to the employees working longer hours or not taking breaks during their work shift, which are unhealthy and may even be emotionally taxing. 

If you are one of the countless parents who have online jobs and are dealing with guilt, here are five reasons you should not be feeling this way:

1. You are actually saving your company money

Did you know that employers may be saving $11,000 annually for every employee who works from home, even just half of the time? Companies are now seeing the benefits of holding virtual conferences and seminars over in-person meetings. For one, they’re keeping everybody safer this way and, of course, they won’t have to pay for costly trips and accommodations like before. If you feel guilty for getting paid while you work at home, don’t be!

2. You are likely more productive at home than at the office

According to studies, those who work from home are actually 47% more productive than those who work on-site, and even remote workers have increased their productivity by about 13%. This is due to various reasons, such as the fact that they are able to conduct more calls and meetings in a workday. They also take fewer sick days and shorter breaks. Likewise, thanks to productivity and communication software innovations, most tasks are easier to complete!

3. You are contributing to the planet’s recovery

Working from home has a huge positive impact on the environment as it reduces gas emissions by an astounding 54 tons every year. That’s equivalent to about 10 million cars taken off the streets. So, think about the times you are spending off the road and how you are positively impacting the planet!

4. You are improving your health

Now that you don’t have to rush every morning and deal with long commutes, you have more time for self-care. Even the extra 15 minutes in the morning can mean 15 minutes on the stationary bike or a quick HIIT session. When you wisely use this extra time that working from home brings, you can also transform your health at the same time. 

5. You are still spending more time with your family than before

If the feeling of guilt comes when you turn your kids away when they want to play with you, know that they still feel happier that you are at home, even if they have to wait until you finish your work. They probably wake up with you there, and you all share breakfast, lunch (if you take breaks), and dinner together, which probably rarely happened when you were still working in the office. You can even ask your children, and they’ll tell you that they like it better when you work from home!


It is normal to feel a little guilt about working from home, especially when you feel like your job has gotten easier since you shifted to this new setup. However, you don’t have to harbour that feeling because there are actually more benefits of working remotely for you, your family, and your company than you realize. As long as you know that you are doing what is expected of you, don’t feel guilty about the convenience and flexibility you are experiencing!

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