About Us

The Skilled Moms Project!

Empowering Women Everywhere!

Skilled Mom is a non-profit organization created to empower women around the world by performing the following services:

  • Connecting women with remote job opportunities
  • Offering Virtual Training for women to obtain essential employment and self-development skills
  • Providing an online directory for female business owners and professionals to list their business or service.
  • Offering Digital Marketing Coaching services to mompreneurs who would like to either start a business or grow their current business. 


Denise Linton, a Digital Marketing Consultant and mother of two, who has spent the last ten years working as a freelancer, while raising her family in Brampton, ON, founded Skilled Moms.

Inspired by her own experiences as a mom and the changing nature of the working world (Covid-19). Denise decided to create a platform to empower women. 

Over the years, Denise has worked with various freelancing websites and with both virtual & local businesses and was able to remain current with the latest trends in digital marketing. However, Denise found that there was no platform or website to help professional women find flexible, legitimate, home-based work, or even help them start and maintain a successful business. 

Skilled Mom’s mission is to provide that platform, and our goal is to empower women everywhere. 

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