Boosting Remote Work Productivity: A Guide for Mothers

The global pandemic caused worldwide economic turmoil, as some businesses were forced to close their doors. Others had to limit their operations and look for ways to stay afloat in the middle of a health crisis. One compelling solution that continues to this day is the shift to digital platforms and the remote work setup. Despite the challenges, these changes let stay-at-home moms to be gainfully employed. 

If you transitioned from working in a 9-to-5 office setting to becoming a full-time remote worker, you might be having a hard time adjusting to your new work-from-home job. You may be thinking that this type of job allows you to have lots of free time. Unfortunately, you may be disappointed.

While having an online job lets you enjoy more independence and flexibility, staying productive is no easy feat as it requires a lot of motivation and discipline. Various distractions can hinder you from staying focused, such as noisy neighbours and frequent distractions from your husband or children. Here are some ways you can boost your productivity and maintain a better work-life balance as a remote worker:

1. Create a designated workspace

Sitting on your couch or bed may seem comfortable, but only for short periods. Making it your workspace is unhealthy for your back. Worse, you may eventually feel sleepy because these are associated with relaxation and leisurely activities, such as binge-watching movies or napping.

Create a healthy working environment by designating an area you can use as your workspace. Invest in a high-quality table and chair to help you stay comfortable and focused during working hours. 

2. Establish a sustainable routine

Working from home is different from having a 9-to-5 office job. You may save yourself the hassle and stress of having to commute to work, but you may get tempted to postpone waking up. To help you stay focused and productive, create a sustainable routine that works best for you. For instance, you can eat your breakfast, work out, and meditate before accomplishing your tasks.

Once you create an effective routine, do your best to stick to it. Look for activities and start habits that signal the start of your workday, such as drinking your favourite coffee or doing your morning run. 

In addition, take breaks regularly. Rest is key to staying productive. Overworking yourself and forgetting to eat can only lead to burnout. Find the time to relax so you can get back to work more energized and rejuvenated.

3. Avoid working in your pyjamas

Working in your pyjamas is definitely comfortable, but it is not advisable because your brain will remain relaxed and think it’s time for bed. To jumpstart your day and get energized, take your time to exercise, take a shower, and get dressed as you would if heading to your office. You may even wear your favourite shade of lipstick to help you signal your brain that it’s time to get to work.


Juggling motherhood and work responsibilities can be challenging, especially since you may have to put more effort into staying productive at work. You may also be tempted to jump back to bed or be distracted by your kids, husband, or neighbours. Fortunately, you can transition easier to being a work-at-home mom by following the tips listed above.

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