4 of the Easiest Website SEO Tips for Blogging Moms

The internet has made it possible for moms everywhere to start their path as creators. Plenty of moms have created their blogs with different niches. And while it may seem like blogging is just writing and publishing articles, it is so much more than that.

One good way to gain traction on your website organically is through search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO. It may seem like it’s a technical thing that only tech people and big brands need, but it is a practice that everyone on the web should implement on their blogs. Here are some of the basics every mom blogger should know. 

4 Essential SEO Tips for Mom Bloggers  

It All Starts with Proper Keyword Planning

Have you ever wondered how bloggers get their ideas? One way is through proper keyword research. Knowing what keywords are popular to your niche can help you form topics from the things people are already searching about on the internet.  

In SEO, when you target keywords relevant to your blog, the higher your chances of ranking on the first page of the search engine, which is the goal. Being one of the first references on the first page to click on for a keyword you’re targeting is a thrilling feeling.

Create Categories That Make Sense with Your Niche

Make sure that your keywords and topics make sense to your website. The search engine will most likely recommend your websites higher if it detects that you’re ranking for several keywords belonging to the same niche. 

If your blog is all about cooking and recipes, it would be best to stick to topics related to culinary tips and tricks. Of course, topics about food and ingredients still fall under this category as well. But going off-brand and writing things like, for this example alone, carpentry or fashion will affect your chances of ranking higher for your niche. Plus, readers wouldn’t know what to do with a carpentry article if they came to your blog for cooking advice. 

Make a Content Bucket 

Frequency is something that SEO rewards, most especially if you run a blog. The sweet spot for publishing new content and increasing visibility is two to three per week, which you can’t possibly make on the spot.  

Professional content writers come up with a content bucket, which is essentially a list of topics and written content scheduled to be published weekly. So before launching a blog, make sure you fill up the bucket at least with 15 ready-to-publish articles.  

Format Your Blogs Right

The format of your blogs also matters with SEO. Make sure that you section out your blog by using h1 tags, write a meta description for every blog, and hit at least 500 words. The more words, the better. It’s also great to have lovely photos to complement each section.


Search engine optimization is quite complicated to understand, but doing the basics and understanding the main parts can make a difference. You don’t necessarily have to be a specialist to implement these things, but it certainly helps if you get some insights from real experts. 

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