Essential Time Management Tips for Entrepreneur Moms

A mother’s working hours have changed dramatically in the past few decades. In the 1960s, most mothers spent their time focusing on housework, childcare while juggling their jobs, and by the 2000s, career has been the main focus and most time-intensive task.

Balancing work, household duties, and childcare is a lot of work. For mothers, it’s as if you’re playing a three-way tug-of-war with opposite ends asking for attention. This whole web of activities is an intricate balancing act, but even if it can get quite challenging, an entrepreneur mom’s passion is the fuel that keeps them going.

Even if we’re living in a weird and uncertain time, many moms have found ways to keep their passion and drive going. Some started their own business, while others have begun to join the workforce again through remote work.

Juggling all of your work can be tricky, but with our essential time management tips, you’ll be able to breeze through your daily tasks and advance your career while being a superhero mom. Let’s dive in!

Part one: Plan and strategize

1. Create a master to-do list

Before you go to bed or begin your day or week, always write down your to-do list. Many people underestimate the power of to-do lists and don’t understand how much time it can actually save you.

Get all your tasks out of your head by listing down all your tasks and prioritizing and ranking them in order of importance. This way, you’ll be able to accomplish high-priority and difficult tasks first and breeze through the easier and smaller tasks.

2. Be active before you work

If your schedule allows you, squeezing in some physical activity before your work will increase your endorphins, stimulate your metabolism, and activate your responses. By staying active, you get motivated and have enough energy to finish your tasks for the day.

3. Create a space for work

Before creating a healthy environment, you first need to understand what works for you. For some people, it’s setting up a spare room as your home office and eliminating distractions such as the TV and other unnecessary devices.

Part two: Keep doing what you’re doing

1. Start working early

Start being strict about your work schedule and discipline yourself to start your work as early as you can. This is because your to-do list will always pile up as you go through your day, and distractions can cause daily, resulting in you to push back some of your work.

This is particularly helpful if you have remote work that needs to follow a specific timeframe. Early in the morning, you can tick off some household tasks before jumping into your work and then end the day with some quality time with family.

2. Work on the harder tasks first

Although they may seem a bit intimidating, finishing harder tasks first will allow you to accomplish more tasks and helps you move forward through your day.

3. Stick to deadlines

Setting goals and deadlines motivate you to finish all your tasks and work productively. Procrastinating on tasks isn’t a comfortable feeling, and if anything, it burns you out quicker.

4. Give yourself time to work and time to breathe

A great method of time management you can follow is by practicing 50/10 timing. This means that for every 50 minutes that you spend working, set aside 10 minutes to refresh and recharge.

This technique will help you stay motivated, inspired, and eager to finish your daily tasks.


As a mother, your daily schedule will always be filled with tasks and responsibilities, and you can sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed. However, if you follow our tips and find the perfect career opportunity or remote work that fits your lifestyle, you’ll be able to juggle work, kids, and household tasks like a pro!

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