How Women Are Dominating the Digital Marketing Space

Over the past years, the digital marketing space continues to evolve at a tremendous rate. What was once an industry dominated by men, today, a growing number of women are making waves in various companies and job descriptions—from video marketing to small business to social media strategies. If you have always thought that the digital marketing world was a place exclusively for men, you may want to rethink that notion. 

Women are thriving in the world of online marketing today, and here’s how they’re doing it:

Showcasing Their Expertise

It is undeniable that women who are in digital marketing are bolder than ever when it comes to showing off their skills. You can now see even more women speakers at seminars and conferences, while a growing number of female mentors are reaching out to the younger generation.

A great example of this is the podcast by Amy Porterfield titled Online Marketing Made Easy, which shows how great women are when it comes to achieving success in digital marketing. Porterfield is a marketing expert, author, and educator who has helped over 250,999 business owners gain more confidence and transform their dreams and ideas into businesses. With her expertise, she has become a go-to digital marketing expert, shaming many other male counterparts!

Thriving In Social Media

In the digital marketing space, social media is crucial in gaining more leads and profits. As for women, they continue to be prominent figures on social platforms as there are now a growing number of females who have secured the industry expert standard. You probably have noticed that more women are social media influencers than men, which is because of their strong impact and positive influence on the public. 

Leading In The Field

Over the years, women have been succeeding in the digital marketing space. The early pioneers in the industry are Ann Handley, Madalyn Skylar, and Ardath Albee, who helped paved the way for other women to contribute. For example, Handley is a popular speaker, best-selling author, and an all-around online marketing expert!

Being Effective In Strategies

In the world of digital marketing, the right strategies are crucial for desirable results. On the other hand, women are known for their excellent strategic abilities, such as intuition and strong gut feeling! When developing strategies, they use both education and experience to create a more personal connection to the audience with a touch of emotion. 

As a result, this leads to more effective strategies that yield excellent results. 

Creating Modern Innovations

Female leaders are innovators in the world of digital marketing. This is because they’re known for their fresh approaches to addressing challenges, especially in a fast-paced industry. Seeing that they were often looked down upon in the past, they will now do whatever it takes to stand out and be unique!


If you’re thinking of venturing into the world of digital marketing, go ahead and leave your mark! With your mind, skills, and soul as a woman, you’ll surely achieve greatness even as a mom. The way women have helped shape the digital marketing space is essentially why women can be amazing leaders. Fortunately, the gender bias, albeit still prominent in some areas of the world, is slowly being re-evaluated as women are becoming bolder than ever. 

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      Lovely article that gives much needed hope and encouragement for moms. Congratulations my friend, Denise.


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