Effective Ways to Improve Your Application for a Remote Position

Over the past year, due to the unfortunate turn of events brought about by the recent pandemic, most working professionals were forced to stay home and work remotely for the time being. However, what used to be treated as a temporary solution has changed plenty of business owners’ mindsets, allowing them to consider remote work as a long-term option after all.

Even job seekers now remain on the lookout for work-from-home opportunities due to the numerous benefits they bring that highlight convenience and productivity at most. Similarly, if you’re looking for at-home jobs for moms, keep in mind that it won’t always be easy due to the competition you’re up against when aiming for the position you desire.

If you wish to be the candidate that employers end up selecting among the rest, you must strive to make a lasting impression that gets you to stand out from the other job seekers. Moreover, you should focus on becoming the best remote applicant they can find. Keep reading below to find out valuable tips on landing the online job you want once and for all.

Discuss Your Previous Work Experience

Whether it’s your first time taking on a remote job or not, it’s vital to let the recruiter or employer know about it from the beginning of your application. Meanwhile, if you have been working from home for a while, it gives you an edge because it proves that you aren’t looking for remote work merely for the experience. Instead, you wish to treat it as a long-term position.

When you’re crafting your cover letter and resume or CV, don’t forget to talk about any past work-from-home experiences to give your application a boost. Mention the kind of remote work you had, what good it did for the previous companies you worked for, and why you’re looking for new remote work opportunities this time around. 

Letting an employer know about your work before, especially if they also involved a remote setting, can greatly impact your application. In addition, it will help to tell them how the skills and lessons you learned from your old jobs can benefit the company you’re applying for now.  

Focus on Describing Your Skills and Capabilities

On the other hand, if you don’t have any remote work background, that doesn’t mean you automatically won’t get accepted and should stop trying to apply. In fact, the skills you’ve picked up from working behind a desk or in an office environment are still necessary and very much applicable to work-from-home jobs.

If you have what it takes to operate collaboration programs, your skills will come in handy once your employer assigns you on a project that requires you to work with your colleagues. Managing projects and sharing documents online can become challenging for those who have never faced a similar situation.

However, if your previous job has already trained you to do that, you won’t have a problem adjusting to a remote job setup and can easily pick up the pace and catch up with your co-workers. If you’re good with technology and have no problem exchanging ideas and files online, you shouldn’t forget to include that information on your application. 

Prepare for a Remote Interview Accordingly

Although you’re dealing with an over-the-phone or video call job interview, you should still treat it as if it’s an in-person interview and prepare for it correctly. If you will be talking with the recruiter or employer via Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet, it’s necessary to dress the part and wear the proper attire.

Be ready to answer the common interview questions you usually deal with during in-person job interviews to avoid being taken aback every time you apply for work from home jobs for moms. Other than your clothes, you should also consider the environment you’re receiving the call from.

Since not everyone has an office in their homes, the best thing you can do is find an area that looks appropriate. It should have proper lighting, does not involve clutter, and doesn’t deal with background noise. Don’t forget to test your equipment like your laptop, webcam, and microphone before the day of your interview.


Looking for online jobs for moms is an exciting experience because while there are plenty of opportunities out there, it’s up to you if you can strive to outshine the other job seekers. When preparing your application, you should discuss your previous work experience, describe your skills and capabilities, and prepare yourself for your remote interview. Following the tips above can boost your chances of getting accepted because you will learn how to stand out from other candidates aiming for the same position as you.

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