Is It Better for Working Moms to Have Remote Work or On-Site Jobs

Working moms face the struggle of juggling work and family daily. Thankfully, online jobs for stay-at-home moms are increasing as the need for a more flexible working setup grew due to the pandemic. Working remotely allows many mothers to excel as a wife, a mom, and a career woman. With more time and freedom, moms may even pursue other hobbies or interests.

Almost 50 percent of two-parent families are also double-income households. However, it’s interesting to note that mothers usually take advantage of a flexible work setup like remote working, as most fathers have jobs that require them to be on-site or in-office.

But what works for one mom may not work for another. Both work-at-home moms and in-office working moms have to deal with work-related pressures. For example, lack of socialization with peers might cause loneliness for remote working moms.

On the other hand, in-office working moms deal with childcare challenges and lack of time to be physically present for their families.

From everything gathered so far, the choice can be rather difficult to gauge, so it’s essential to consider these factors while selecting between working in an office or setting remote working:

Working In-Office or On-Site

Some moms prefer working in-office or on-site because they feel they can separate time for work and family. Because they can better concentrate on one at a given time, they can provide excellent output on both. Peer socialization also motivates them to pursue more meaningful work while caring for their family. However, working in-office also has its flaws.

You can get side-tracked with nonstop phone calls, unnecessarily long meetings, and prolonged break times that can diminish productivity. In addition, an in-office employee spends an average of 2 hours commuting daily.

It means less time spent with their kids, increased childcare or babysitting fees, and recurring guilt of not spending quality time with the family.

Remote or Work-from-Home

The most significant benefit of work from home jobs for moms is the chance to spend more time with their children. They can pursue meaningful relationships with their kids while nurturing their careers.

It’s much simpler to manage schedules, and it frees up the need for daily childcare or allows you to find alternatives that fit your schedule. Staying home can also dramatically improve productivity, as moms are less stressed with the daily commute and schedule work when most productive.

Nonetheless, it might be challenging to separate work and home life. It’s harder to unplug from work. Suppose a mom has no definite workspace, then housework and child care can also get them distracted.

It’s best to work while the kids are napping or sleeping. In advance, prepare activities to do so you can still work while active during the day. If you have other adults in the house, you can also tag-team with them to care for your kids when you need to be working.

The best jobs for stay-at-home moms are those with flexible hours so you can manage work and family time more efficiently. Avoid multitasking so much as you may end up committing mistakes both at work and taking care of your family. Find ways to stay connected with your coworkers, and give yourself ample time to rest or do other things that inspire you and keep you from being burned out.


Before you decide on quitting your day job, determine well if remote working is for you. Both in-office and remote working moms can have great jobs while still being successful mothers. Whether you work in the office or at home, pursue meaningful employment aligned with your passion, so work does not become a burden but a gratifying endeavour.

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