Work Opportunities: 3 Mistakes to Avoid While Job Hunting

The job market continues to be a tight competition for applicants, so you must take every little advantage that you can. This goes in the opposite direction, too—you want to avoid making small mistakes that may lead to rejection. Recruiters and hiring managers go over dozens of resumes and job applications every day, so something as minor as a simple typo can take you out of contention.

When you’re in the midst of job searching, it can feel like you’re navigating a minefield of potential errors and faux pas. The truth is, you need to be very careful and deliberate about all of your words and actions during this phase of your life. This is why it’s vital to avoid some of the most common mistakes job hunters make. Here are three of them:

Too Much Information

Your cover letter and resume function as your first contact points with a hiring manager, so you must make a good impression as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, some job hunters mistake a “good” cover letter or resume with one that is stuffed with every detail of their previous work experience. The truth is, something clear and concise will take you much further.

There’s no reason to write a long spiel about your financial circumstances or why you had to leave your previous job. The only thing hiring managers want to know is how you can contribute to their company. Your cover letter should be all about why you are the perfect person to fill the vacant position and why they should put you on the shortlist for an interview. As for your resume, just include the work experience that closely relates to the job you’re applying for.

If you can closely match your cover letter and resume with the details required in the job listing, you have a good chance of getting that call.

 Too Few Qualifications

You don’t have to be a 100% match for a job listing to apply, but that doesn’t mean you can just send applications willy-nilly. Recruiters put a lot of work into creating and optimizing job listings because they are looking for employees that will meet their exact needs. If your qualifications and work experience are incredibly far removed from what a company is looking for, your application will just end up discarded.

Apply for jobs wherein you know you can perform well. Modify your cover letter and resume to prove that you are a good fit for what hiring managers are looking for. Soon enough, you’ll get that call for an interview and that job offer you’ve been working so hard for.

Too Much Communication

If you find a job listing that fits all of your preferences and requirements, it’s easy to be carried away by your enthusiasm. One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a job hunter is to reach out to a recruiter or hiring manager one too many times due to your excitement. Employers do not react very kindly to over-eager applicants hounding them multiple times a week.

If you’re stranded at an early phase of the application process, you can send one email or call once. If you don’t get a response, consider yourself rejected and move on. Reaching out more than twice in one month may end up with your name on a blacklist.


Job hunting is a chore that can be frustrating, and its preparation for necessary documents is equally tiring. Nevertheless, avoiding these simple mistakes can increase your chances of being noticed by recruiters and hiring managers that come across your application. Then, with a little bit of patience and faith, you’ll get a great new job that’s perfect for you!

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