Priceless Social Media Tips for New Mompreneurs

So, you’ve decided to become a mompreneur. Congratulations! This is a significant milestone for you, and it can be pretty exciting. However, you might find it challenging, too. After all, it’s not easy to balance all your responsibilities as a mom and an entrepreneur, especially if you have no prior experience. 

The perks of being a mompreneur compared to other online jobs for moms is that you have control over your schedule, and you won’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. However, that also means you are responsible for every facet of your business, at least initially. That includes spreading the word about your business on social media, which, depending on how familiar you are with digital marketing, can be easy or daunting. 

If you are not that familiar with social media marketing, here are some tips that could definitely help you:

Make Your Business Social Media Official

People depend on social media these days, which means that they check for a business’s legitimacy by looking for them on social media and going through their posts. Create an official business page and not a personal one. It definitely should be a separate one from your current account. By doing so, you’re giving your audience the impression that you’re a real business. You also have the opportunity to hold contests and other promotional activities, which you may not be allowed to do on your personal page on Facebook.

Work on Engagement

One of the advantages of using social media for your business is that you can increase engagement. You can get people to like, comment, and share your posts. But for them to do that, you need to come up with content that’s worth their attention. Choose photos and images that are consistent with the brand image that you believe will attract your audience. Don’t forget to interact with people who comment on your posts and reply to queries as soon as possible. These can be time-consuming, but dedicating a few hours of your day to this can work wonders for your business. 

Make Use of Scheduling Tools

As a mompreneur, you’ll soon find out (if you haven’t already) that time management is one of the keys to success. Scheduling platforms like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Tailwind is going to be a lifesaver. These scheduling tools allow users to schedule posts days, weeks, or months in advance. Give these tools a try and find one that meets your needs best, then stick with that. 

Don’t Forget About Analytics

The whole point of creating awesome content for your social media posts, scheduling them, and working on your engagement is so you’ll gain more followers, increase brand awareness, and ultimately gain more sales. You won’t be able to know if your efforts are working if you don’t track your performance! Thankfully, social media platforms allow you to see your page’s analytics, so you’ll know which posts are getting traction and which ones need improvement. 

By tuning in to what the analytics are telling you, you’ll soon understand what type of content is delivering results, what time you should be posting your content, and which demographic responds to your posts the most. 


Few work-from-home jobs for moms are as challenging as being a mompreneur, but few can be as rewarding, too. Being a mom and entrepreneur at the same time comes with challenges like slaying the social media game. Hopefully, the tips provided in this post help you make the most of social media for your business. 

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