The Professional Prowess Behind Successful Mom-trepreneurs

Motherhood, in itself, is a career. From breastfeeding to sorting socks and preparing packed lunch to scrubbing crayon-stained walls, mothers are always learning. Most of these newfound skills come unexpectedly, yet they are both robust and transferable. 

If you’re a mother and a business owner, here are a few reasons why you make the best entrepreneur.

Reason 1 – Moms Can Function on Little to No Sleep

A newborn baby will be up every two hours—wailing, soiling their diaper, hungry, and often insatiable. When it comes to sleep, anything upwards of five hours is a luxury to any mother. 

Even with little sleep, moms won’t be hard-pressed to make an informed decision, nor will they allow any progress to suffer. 

Reason 2 – Moms are Mindful

Mothers do everything deliberately. A made-up nursery rhyme might encourage a fussy toddler to eat their greens. An improvised bedtime story might put an off-the-wall child to sleep. Whatever the case, every minute of a mother’s day counts, and anyone on the team can rest assured that assignments will move along as they should. 

Reason 3 – Moms Have the Skill of Forethought

No longer does a mother do anything “on the fly.” Instead, they think more than a few steps ahead—from their tot’s week-end meal to a clinic appointment weeks ahead. 

Thus, business plans hardly suffer. Do you have a handful of upcoming blog posts for writing? Not a problem—mom-ager would have likely already outlined every topic. 

Reason 4 – Moms Make Hard Decisions

If you’ve ever been told “Because I told you so” in your youth, mom-trepreneurs are well-equipped to do the same in business—but for a good reason. Mothers nag and reinforce rules to keep their children in tip-top health. 

Similarly, not every part of the team will be on board with hard decisions—even when they’re necessary. Still, moms in business won’t put it past them to sacrifice intelligent business decisions to avoid hurt feelings. 

Reason 5 – Moms Get Down to the Whys of Everything

If there is one thing mothers hear most often, it’s typically the question “Why?” Ask a mom-ager “why” regarding a campaign decision, specific buy-in, or timeline, and they’ll surely have an answer for you—and it’ll likely make a lot of sense! 

Reason 6 – Moms Know How to Market

Broccoli-hating children are more than norm than they are the exception. As such, mothers have to “market” the meal in a way that appears delectable, to-die-for, and absolutely scrumptious. From “Here comes the airplane!” to creative preparations, mom-agers will have no shortage of brilliant marketing ideas. 

Reason 7 – Moms Know Work-Life Balance Best

When it comes to running a business and raising a family, moms understand the perfect marriage between the two—and when business matters need to take a back seat. Moms will create a company culture that fosters work-life harmony, and one that puts family first. 


Nowadays, moms aren’t taking on traditional gender roles—they’re constantly breaking them. Run a quick Google search and you’ll find mom-owned businesses, freelancers, and professionals all around the globe. 

If you want to bring an empowered mom on board or are a mom yourself and seeking a new role, begin your search at Skilled Moms. We seek to empower women everywhere, regardless of experience, culture, and background. 

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