Empowering Women Through Skills

The Skilled Moms project was birthed to help cultivate a safe space for women to learn and grow. Women from various communities would learn practical job skills, such as sewing. Learning a skill would allow them to enter the workforce or open the door to start their own business. The women also have the option to learn how to run a business while saving money and planning for a future. Together these women would be empowered to break barriers and walk the path ordained for them.

One Woman's Journey

  • Pillar 1 – Informational Training: Reading & Writing (if required), Numeracy, Money Management, Setting Financial Goals etc.


  • Pillar 2 – Vocational Skills Training: empowering the woman with a skill for employment or for starting a business.


  • Pillar 3 – Entrepreneurship Training: If necessary, the woman can move on to this pillar to learn more about business and entrepreneurship.

Throughout the pillars, the woman would be encouraged to interact with her classmates, share life challenges, and align with other women in the group. 

Every woman has the power to transform her world. For more information on how you can help, contact the team at Skilled Moms.