Work-At-Home Moms: Top 3 Online Teaching Jobs for You

A lot of moms worry about who will look after their kids when they’re at work. That’s why a lot of moms look for work-from-home opportunities to be able to provide for their kids and, at the same time, stay at home with them. One of the most popular job opportunities is online teaching. 

Online teaching is now considered the future of education as it presents a powerful and convenient way to pursue education. Today, there are plenty of online teaching jobs for stay-at-home moms. Here are some of the best online teaching jobs today: 

ESL Teacher

ESL, which stands for English as a Second Language, is one of the popular online teaching jobs today because of the flexible schedule it offers. The main task is to teach students from different countries English proficiency skills, from reading and writing to speaking the language.

You will also assess the English skills of each student and help improve them. One of the advantages of being an ESL teacher is that you’re entitled to incentives and bonuses; however, this will depend on the company you work for. 

Some companies would provide bonuses for punctual teachers, those who have more students signing up for classes, and those who teach more than a specific number of classes every month. 

If you want to give it a shot, you need to have a Bachelor’s Degree and must be eligible to work in the US or Canada. Most companies will also require you to have some teaching experience mentoring or tutoring kids. 

English Conversation Tutors

Now, this is perfect for stay-at-home moms who want to earn on the side without putting in too much effort, as these are classes that are mainly conversational. 

In this job, you’ll be paid to talk and chat with students from all over the world to help improve their English speaking skills. It’s similar to ESL teaching, but the difference is, you don’t need to focus on their writing, but only on their speaking skills. 

This is perfect if you enjoy conversations and you find it easier to teach kids through them. After the conversation, you will provide feedback and corrections on how kids can improve their vocabulary, pronunciation, and other grammar aspects. 

Online Tutoring Jobs

This type of online job provides location independence and flexible work schedules. It will let stay-at-home moms earn additional income while they take care of their kids. 

If you’re interested in this type of job, you need to be capable of teaching students of various age groups online. The tasks can vary, but it revolves around helping kids with their schoolwork and teaching them about math or any other subjects they struggle with. For some, you will serve as their tutor for all their subjects. 


Thanks to modern technology, there are now more online teaching opportunities for stay-at-home moms who are looking for ways to earn extra while they take care of their kids. If you have a knack for teaching or tutoring, check out these jobs!

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