What Are the Traits That Make a Successful Mom Entrepreneur?

As a mother, you juggle daily tasks and work responsibilities, and to top it all off, you’re raising a family at the same time. Although this can be quite challenging at times, there are many mom entrepreneurs who’ve found their groove and are finding success in blogging, freelancing, and running successful businesses. 

80% of mom entrepreneurs started their businesses and careers after their children were born. Others are doing remote work-from-home jobs to keep them busy and develop their skills. Because of this, moms are forced to find balance in doing home duties, raising the kids, and running a business, building leadership skills and traits that will do well in the business world. 

You’re probably here because you want to be a mom entrepreneur yourself; if so, keep reading. In this article, we’ll share the different traits of what makes a successful mom entrepreneur with you. Let’s get to it!


Responding with kindness can be difficult, especially when your child is having a tantrum. But as a mother, it is natural to practice kindness in situations like this and translate well in business. 

Mom entrepreneurs are more compassionate and have kindness when they build their businesses. Besides dealing with other clients, suppliers, and partners, the most important thing is that they are kind to themselves. 

Kindness doesn’t only mean how you respond to people, but it is also how you treat yourself. Finding a balance between household work, your career, and raising your children can be tricky, so it’s best to practice kindness with yourself. 

Time management

As mentioned early, mom entrepreneurs juggle a lot of tasks daily. Because of this, these moms are experts at time management and organization. While some moms have a more flexible schedule, some don’t have the luxury of creating their own; instead, they do with what they have and work around it. 

Some mom entrepreneurs fit in their business or online jobs between naps, schools, and study sessions. Others will do all household work in the morning, do all business stuff in the afternoon before the kids arrive, and be done with work just in time to make dinner. 

With killer time management skills, mom entrepreneurs will be able to use this to help build their business because they’ll make the most out of tiny opportunities and won’t waste any more time.

Emotional intelligence

A key trait of mom entrepreneurs is that they have empathy and because of that, connecting to people is a breeze for them. A mom practices empathy when their child is in pain or having a tantrum. They’ll try to understand where this pain is coming from and figure out ways to solve this problem.

As an entrepreneur, it’s vital to bring in this trait because it will help you connect with your target market. You’ll understand the bigger picture of situations and produce products and content that will help your relationship with your audience grow. 

Besides that, mom entrepreneurs are also patient. Raising a child isn’t easy, and you’ll have to deal with a surprise every hour. Like growing a business, your brand won’t get to grow and be on the top right away. It’ll take time before it becomes established. And with that, patience comes in pretty handy. 


Building a business will take so much time, effort, and sacrifices, and being a mom is similar to that. A lot of a mother’s traits make a successful entrepreneur, and with determination and kindness to yourself, you’ll be able to be a successful mom entrepreneur. 

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