Work From Home 101: How to Make Working From Home Work for You

Working from home is becoming a normal and widespread reality for many people, especially during these times of uncertainty. You can get numerous benefits from working at home, such as no commute, no need to follow a dress code, and you get to work comfortably and in your terms.

Although there are many benefits to working remotely, you may still experience some challenges, especially when you’re just starting to dip your toes in remote work. However, this shouldn’t bring you down because you can counteract these issues with proper planning and continue to have a smooth work-from-home experience.

This article will share our work-from-home secrets to making working remotely work for you. Grab a cup of coffee, a notebook and pen, roll up your sleeves, and let’s begin!

If you’re having trouble balancing work and life

One of the biggest challenges of working remotely is the difficulty of setting boundaries in your life. Without a physical office or co-workers around you, you may have trouble “leaving” work and calling it a day.

When you work from home, the line between work and personal life can become blurred, and you’ll have difficulty setting limits on daily work tasks. To address this, be strict about your work hours at home and immediately put work things away after you “clock out.”

Since you’re working at home, you want to avoid getting burned out in your own living space, so you must make a mental distinction for yourself to enjoy your personal life and free time.

If you aren’t feeling motivated

Wearing pajamas and being in bed are some of the perks of working from home. You’re in an incredibly comfortable environment, and you’re free to wear cozier clothes. However, being too comfortable can impact your motivation to do things.

As mentioned earlier, it’s best to make a mental distinction. Start your workday by wearing comfortable yet work-appropriate clothes to help change your mood. Besides that, focusing on work can be tricky, so incorporating the Pomodoro technique can motivate you to finish tasks and help you look forward to breaks.

These wardrobe changes and focused energy can help you keep track of your tasks and workload and, most importantly, keep you productive and motivated.

If you’re with people at home

Sometimes, the people you live with can be a distraction and could affect the way you work, such as your partner or even your kids. Discuss your work situation with your partner and kids so that they have a better understanding of what you’re doing and what you need. Let them know what helps you work effectively, such as quiet hours during the work period and staying in another room.

Setting boundaries with people at home can help you create a workspace that will keep you productive and motivated. Additionally, teaching boundaries to children at an early age is ideal; this way, they’ll understand the importance of respecting someone’s space and time.

If you’re getting cabin fever

Although you get many benefits from working at home, being in the same place all day can affect your creativity and leave you feeling dull. It’s always a good idea to take breaks and get some fresh air to change up scenery from time to time and get bursts of inspiration.

When you’re getting antsy and uncomfortable, step away from your computer and your phone and make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Step outside and breathe in some fresh air. Sometimes, some quiet and a screen break is all you need to keep you going.


Challenges will always arise in any situation, but the best way to deal with them is by being informed of differences that can help you ease your way out of these moments. Working from home is practical and convenient, but challenging and unfamiliar at the same time. But with these tips, you’ll be able to go through your workdays seamlessly and without any worry. So find what makes you tick, create an ideal routine, set boundaries, and start to enjoy your work at home.

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